Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A review by Zoie: ESSIE nail polish in Movers and Shakers.


Essie nail polish in the color Movers and Shakers is my favorite. I like it because it's a hot color and I love hot pink. It's almost neon but not quite. It also has a glossy finish which is beautiful. This is my absolute favorite pink nail polish.

One day, I'd like to do a zebra pattern with Black and Movers and Shakers. I love zebras of course.

I think this nail polish would be perfect on any girl!



queenamy83 said...

Oh, I really like that color!! I love the description of almost neon, but not quite, I've been looking for a color like that!! Where can you buy Essie nail polish at?!

Stephanie said...

Hey Amy! Thanks for checking out our blog!

We get ours at Trade Secret at our local mall. There's a link to the Essie site up top for a store locater. I'll tell you on twitter also just in case :)

queenamy83 said...

Thanks Stephanie! There is a Trade Secret in a local mall, but the other side of town! I will probably try to order it online, the link you shared on Twitter! I've never tried Essie nail polish before but I am very excited to try it!! Thanks again!!

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