Monday, March 29, 2010

A Visit to Frist: Center of the Visual Arts

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a love for art. As a little girl, I went through countless pieces of paper drawing, writing, and even making MANY cards for my family. My mother had suggested I marry a man that owned a paper mill. I can see what she meant, as my own daughter Zoie does the same thing today.

Believe me, I am THRILLED that my daughter loves art as much - or maybe even more than I do. Last week was Spring Break so our family took a trip to see some amazing art exhibited at the Frist Center of the Visual Arts.

The exhibits we viewed were:

Masterpieces of European Painting - from Museo de Arte de Ponce
This is one of Zoie's favorite paintings from the show by Rosetti:

Heroes: Mortals and Myths in Ancient Greece - this was an interested exhibit with approximately 100 objects depicting various types of ancient Greek heroes on numerous kinds of vessels. A great history exhibit for students.

Zoie's favorite exhibit:

U-Ram Choe's New Urban Species - U-Ram Choe is a contemporary artist from Korea. His metal sculptures are so amazing. He incorporates biology, engineering and art into his moving mechanical sculptures. You have to actually watch not only the moving sculptures but also the beautiful shadows that are cast by the lights inside the sculptures.
This is a picture of just one of the sculptures:

I asked Zoie if she owned an art gallery, what would she choose to display. The pictures shown are the ones she picked. What would you show in your art gallery?

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Joe Nolan said...

Hey, Are you guys in Nashville? I wrote a piece about the Choe show for the Nashville Scene. I gussied it up a bit and added a number of videos from many of his other exhibits and added it to my blog. You can find the post here -